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Types of censual sections in the Basque Country

The clusters are the result of a multiple factor analysis of the censual sections of the Basque Country in 2010. Specifically, statistics on individual, family and housing characteristics of each section have been studied that are collected in Eustat's Socio-demographic database. The objective of the analysis consists in grouping the administrative sections of our territory within a series of homogenous clusters with their corresponding description. From the results a layer has been created to be visualised via Google Earth and Google Maps, which contains the information obtained from the analysis.

This map allows you to interact with the layer of census sections of the Basque Country, with Google Maps as base support, without having to download any program or file.

Additionally is also available for download this layer in kmz format, which can be visualized in most GIS viewers and particularly with Google Earth.


Install the desired viewer on the PC and follow the instructions of the developer. To install Google Earth, Download Google Earth and follow the instructions of the developer.

To see it on a tablet, as well as Google Earth you must also download the KMLZ to Earth app.

Download the file with the types. tipologia_i.kmz (5.5 Mb)

Open the downloaded file, simply by double clicking on the PC and on the tablet by opening the KMLZ to Earth app and looking for the file.

Technical Notebook: Cluster Analysis of the Census Sections of the Basque Country. 2010 (PDF: 11 Mb)


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